Dark Poetry: Broken Tiger

From “Angsty Poetry”

Okay, time for some Angsty Poetry! When I get really low, this is what I tend to do…especially if it’s a specific low. This was written during a very dark time in my 20s while trapped in a toxic and emotionally abusive relationship. (Life certainly got better for me, though! And I do pray that that individual has found a better path.) 

I feel like this is probably one of my stronger angsty poems, but I plan to share the good and bad alike. Process is important. We writers and authors try our best to only put out a quality product (as well we should), but sometimes it’s helpful to show that we still value our subpar work, too. It’s all part of the journey. I do like this one, though.

Anyway, I give you angsty Deidre:


Broken Tiger

October 2005


A fresh young tiger, full of life!

New to fear and new to strife.

Uncertain ‘bout the days ahead

Succumbing to a sense of dread

That pierces like a hunter’s knife.


A pacing tiger, biding time.

Will a door not open and right this crime?

O! Bounding free into the wild

To live her days as would a child,

Exploring life while in her prime.


An angry tiger, eyes ablaze

Fixed past the bars, a threat’ning gaze.

Accusing all the passers by

Of hind’ring any chance to fly,

Ere the body cedes and the mind decays.


A wistful tiger, eyes ablur

With thoughts of what was robbed of her:

Prowling by the river’s side,

That primal high when fangs pierce hide,

The chance to nestle a young cub’s fur.


A cagèd tiger, the old clichè.

An agèd tiger, wasting away.

Can hardly recall the wilds of yore,

Falls heavily into a heap on the floor,

A victim of despair and dismay.


A broken tiger, withered and old.

No glimmer in those eyes once gold.

Forgotten, the way the world beckoned her;

Beyond recall, a contented purr.

She lay on the floor, lifeless and cold.



[Disclaimer: The source image for my feature illustration was of a perfectly healthy tiger in blissful repose. No animals were harmed in the crafting of this blog.]

Thanks for reading.

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