Guess I Should Mention…

Oh! I guess I should mention this little thing happening today. It’s only a …


Do you have little readers at home? Looking for a fresh, heart-warming bedtime story? Then you might enjoy…

“The Housewarming Gift”

Volume 1 in a brand new children’s chapter book series.


Eight-year-old Jasmine squeaks with joy when a moving truck pulls in next door, answering a long-standing prayer for a playmate. Juniper is sweet, smart, fun, has freckles, and doesn’t even smell funny or anything! So then why did she say other kids make fun of her?

When Jasmine learns that being different has made her new friend sad, she comes up with a radical idea to lift her spirits! Her parents had welcomed the new neighbors with cookies, fresh fruit, and a bottle of wine…but Jasmine’s housewarming gift for Juniper goes above and beyond.


Sweet and sensitive, thoughtful and engaging. A must-read series for parents and children alike.” ~Ronald Linson, author 

“I love this series! And I know my kids do, too…” ~Aubrey B., Mother of 5 

“After I read this book, I was happy that someone actually knows what kids are dealing with when they have an issue like [Juniper’s]. It also helped me to understand that even though they have an issue like [this], that kids are kids just like me.” ~David S., age 9

“I really like the idea Jasmine had….I really like the whole story!” ~Kylie B., age 7

Available on in paperback for $10.99, ebook for $2.99. And when you buy the paperback, you get the ebook **FREE**!



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