New Release: Volume 2!

Have you checked out my latest children’s book, The Housewarming Gift? And did you happen to notice that that was only Volume 1? Because guess what!

Volume 2 is now available!

I’ve got a fresh new heart-warming bedtime story for your young readers…and just in time for the holidays, too!

“Patch’s Pages”

Volume 2 in a brand new children’s chapter book series!



Best friends Juniper and Jasmine enjoy hanging out after school with their friend and classmate, Elliott. With plans in place to have lunch at his house one weekend, they are excited to check out Elliott’s new science kit…and meet the little brothers they didn’t even realize he had!

But when Juniper finds out that one of Elliott’s brothers is in Ms. Martin’s special education class, she feels uneasy. “Well, you’re a little different, right?” her father prompts. “Should people be afraid of you?” So with the help of her friends, Juniper finds the perfect way to connect with sweet little Patch.


Sweet and sensitive, thoughtful and engaging. A must-read series for parents and children alike.” ~Ronald Linson, author 

“This is how people really should treat others! The stories have great values and practical ways for children (and adults) to learn about differences and how to love each other…” ~Aubrey B., Mother of 5 

“After I read these books, I felt a good feeling inside, that someone actually took time to write books that explain that people are just people no matter their physical appearance or the way they talk.” ~Allison S., age 9

“I like the humor in the book!” ~Caleb B., age 9

Now available on!
Available in paperback for $10.99 and ebook for $2.99. And when you buy the paperback, you get the ebook **FREE**!



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