New Release: Volume 3!

What?! Your kids haven’t read The Housewarming Gift OR Patch’s Pages yet? Well, ya better get crackin’ because guess what?

Volume 3 is here!

I’ve got a fresh new heart-warming bedtime story for your young readers. Introducing…

“The Pickle Fairy”

Volume 3 in a brand new children’s chapter book series!


It’s “Stuffie Day” in Ms. Martin’s special education class, and Patch can’t wait to show off his favorite stuffed toy. However, there is one toy that everyone knows to expect: Harrison’s old gray horse, Rodeo. It goes with him everywhere.

But when Harrison shows up the following day without his beloved Rodeo, he simply doesn’t know what to do with himself! Seeing his classmate so distressed, Patch is moved and wants to help. His heart for Harrison inspires a few of his friends to step up and take action…with astounding results!

“A very clever, well-written, sweet story. This book definitely evokes conversation. I truly enjoyed reading it … I think parents, especially those with special-needs kids, will enjoy [this] book.” ~Sherley Prescott, mother of 2


“This is my favorite book in the series…I like how generous they were to Harrison.”~Kylie B., age 7

“This is how people really should treat others! The stories have great values and practical ways for children (and adults) to learn about differences and how to love each other…” ~Aubrey B., Mother of 5 

“Sweet and sensitive, thoughtful and engaging. A must-read series for parents and children alike.” ~Ronald Linson, author 

Now available on
Available in paperback for $10.99, ebook for $2.99. And when you buy the paperback, you get the ebook **FREE**!

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