Welp, it’s been a rough few weeks. Not overall, just in my “me.” I had some frustrations with my writing, I had some frustrations at home, I had some frustrations about the future, and then…

My external hard drive seized up on me.

It was just my backup, no real biggie. I re-backed-up (?) everything on various thumb drives I had floating around and then zipped the important stuff into emails. Whew! I’m covered.

But then I felt like I was missing something. Something not huge but still important. Something maybe not everyday but every-so-often. Something like… like…

Holy tights on a biscuit…


Oh. Em. Gee.

All my notes, my drafts, my images… trapped.

Great botulism!
Holy sister’s diphthong!
Sweet Shostakovitch and a filibuster basket!
*cry cry*

Okay, so in the grand scheme of things it’s really not a huge loss, but enough to throw me off (especially after a generally tumultuous few weeks). So, you’re getting this today (and a day late, no less). You’re getting Deidre Brand swearing, an apology, and a notice of my hiatus. Just a brief one! Like, March. I need a break to regroup.

Thanks for your understanding. I hope to be back to my blogging shenanigans soon. In the meantime, be kind to one another! You never know who just lost a hard drive. Suggestions:

  • Hug someone (Chest to chest, full 20 seconds; know this person.)
  • Pet a dog (Just ask first. No bites! …dogs don’t taste good.)
  • Compliment a random stranger (Hair is a safe bet. Well, head hair.)
  • And throw me a like maybe? (I’m feeling fragile.)

Thanks for reading.

[Can we also take a sec to appreciate my emojis? Because that second one…hahahaha!]

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