“After Hours” Feature

Hi there! I just wanted to pop in and share another fun interview with you! I was recently featured on a YouTube series called “After Hours” where I jabbered with the host about all sorts of fun stuff! But first…

Let me introduce you to a really cool cat: UK author TIM MENDEES. He’s one of our growing number of authors over at my indie pub, Mannison Press, and one that we find ourselves working with again and again. This phenomenal horror writer burst onto the writing scene with his first short story publication the end of 2019 and just really hit the ground running. (I’ll provide links below for all you horror and Lovecraftian fans out there.)

Well, February 2021 is celebrating women in horror month! Did, uhh…did you know that includes me? It DOES! See, I’m an eclectic individual and, as such, enjoy writing in a variety of genres. These include horror, weird fiction, sci-fi, contemporary fiction, humor, Christian themes, and children’s books.

Yup, horror and children’s books.
And ya know what?
I juggle it all pretty darn well.

Well, this broad range of interests has connected me with a motley crowd of writers, a crowd chock full of fascinating people and fun opportunities. Most recently, I was invited onto the aforementioned YouTube series called “After Hours” where Tim Mendees sits down face-to-face (so to speak) with other writers. In his “virtual pub,” they share a drink and just chitchat about whatever happens to come up. Maybe they talk about the industry. Maybe they talk about cephalopods. Maybe they talk about potted plants, or regional dialects, or preferred beverages, or bunny ears! (We did. We totally talked about all that, haha.)

SO, if you’d like to watch two writers jabber for an hour and witness a bit of my awkward in action*, this was a really fun conversation!

“After Hours: 12 – Deidre J Owen.” Hosted by Tim Mendees. February 6, 2021

*Gesturing widely, I nearly rip off my earbuds and take out my laptop just before the three minute mark LOL enjoy 🙂

Thanks for reading.


Tim Mendees:
Website timmendeeswriter.wordpress.com
YouTube channel
Twitter @mendees_tim
Facebook @goatinthemachine

Mannison Press: Website | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | LinkedIn

More me!: Twitter | Facebook | Amazon Author Central | Goodreads



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    1. Hello, Naomi! Thank you! Tim is a fabulous conversationalist and can really keep a conversation moving, even with a non-talker like myself haha. His “After Hours” series is great. Mannison Press is an independent micropublisher I founded with fellow indie author Ron Linson. Our focus is on short form fiction including short stories (our Mannison Minibooks), novelettes, novellas, story collections, and anthologies. We have published in a variety of genres as well, which includes various flavors of horror, fantasy, science fiction, drama, crime, steam punk, and even western! Check out our website to learn more: https://mannisonpress.com/


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