Bonus Short Story Now a Minibook

Hey, there! Happy holidays!

This is just a quick, informal post to share something fun with my Terminal Faults fans. Were you aware of the BONUS short story? The ebook version dropped a few months back and remains FREE for now (see below), but now it’s out in an adorable 4×7 paperback minibook! Seriously, look at how cute this thing is:

If you enjoyed my sci-fi/horror Terminal Faults, then you want this minibook.

The ebook is still currently free. You can either download right here from my website or, if you prefer, you can use the buttons below for other online marketplaces.


Science Fiction (32 pages)

Available in 4×7 paperback and ebook formats.

In my novella Terminal Faults, you learn the tragic story of Civic-1916 and, through his eyes, experience the events which led to his condemnation. Now, find out what truly happened to his arch nemesis, Domestic-212, and how the two Qubots came to blows, doomed to fall together… doomed to eternal exile in the Obsidian Rooms. Content Warning: This story contains depictions of abuse, drug use, and murder. Discretion is advised.

Curious about Terminal Faults now?
Here’s more:


Science Fiction/Horror (180 pages)

Available in 5×8 paperback and ebook formats.

This story contains graphic depictions of gore, murder, suicide, implications of child abuse, serial killer activity, drugs, bullying, strong language, implied LGBT+ struggles, and a character with prejudice against the LGBT+ community (views not endorsed by the author). Discretion is advised.

Don’t forget to leave a review at your favorite retailer!

Thanks for reading.

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