Deidre the Author

Deidre J Owen has always been a writer by nature. From a young age, she would concoct fanciful stories and scribble down random poetry simply for the sheer enjoyment of writing it. Although nothing more than a quiet passion, writing for enjoyment became a common thread in every life stage.

Throughout her academic career, Deidre received the support and subtle recognition of her teachers. Setting new standards and becoming a classroom example may not have won her any favors socially, but it bolstered her confidence, her creativity, and her desire to continue writing for pleasure.

The practice of indulging the wordsmith within continued through her 20s as she traveled and grew as an individual. Many of those writings took on a dark tone, but some were kept as a reminder of personal growth. She shares several of these writings in her I.S.A.D. blog.

In her late 30s, she was moved to take on a larger project. Considering it divinely inspired, Deidre sat down at the keyboard and within a matter of weeks had drafted a complete novella. That was followed immediately by a second, a third, and then a fourth. These stories — which she calls Exercises in Humanity — are patiently waiting for God’s perfect timing.

Not too long after, she found new inspiration in her young daughter. It began as a simple poem about animals drafted out from the sidelines of her daughter’s ballet class. Then, using skills developed during her work as a church administrator, she decided to illustrate it…and The Heaven Zoo series was born. With the three books having been well received by her small but faithful fan-base, Deidre has future plans to expand the series.

From there, she was challenged by her husband, Jason, to write a bedtime story for their daughter. One idea quickly turned into six, and within a matter of months her children’s chapter book series We’re All Just People was nearing completion. The series is now available on Amazon.

Then, in April of 2019, Mannison Press, LLC was born. Partnered with New York writer and editor Ronald Linson, she is founder and designer at this new independent publishing house. Their first multi-author anthology, “Little Girl Lost,” released in October 2019, along with a number of their Mannison Minibooks among other publications. You can learn more at

Being a writer and book publisher was never on Deidre’s grand to-do list of life, but she welcomes these amazing and inspired opportunities to share the messages that have been placed on her heart. With the love and support of her family and close friends, Deidre J Owen — the writer, the author, the illustrator, the publisher — has been born.