Deidre the Illustrator

The fact that I am illustrating books and designing book covers is baffling to me. The pieces are there though: my artistic nature, innate creativity, some newly-found technical skills, and — lo! and behold! — an actual history of dabbling in art.

In the fall of 2017, I was invited to speak at the Great American Teach-In for a couple of the local elementary schools. Not a natural speaker (see I.S.A.D. graphic), I waffled on what would be my first official speaking engagement as an author and illustrator. I’d had a clear understanding of how I had become an author, but where did the illustrator/designer come from? Where? Where, man?! 

After a little reflection and self-discovery, I realized the potential had been there all along. Sure, I’d presented a bit of raw talent in my youth but, aside but dabbling, never gave it much credit. But I did dabble. A lot. In all sorts of things. I experimented with pencil, charcoal, watercolor, and oils; three dimensional art, framing of art, and most recently, digital art; and various styles of art as well, from realism to the abstract. But like my writings, it was subtle and simply an interest.

However, as I perused my humble portfolio of works, I realized I actually am an artist! I admit my work is far from ground-breaking — and having had no formal instruction, my skills were honed by error and instinct — but yet, there it is: art.

Today, I uses a combination of my skills to produce both hand-drawn art and photograph-based digital art. I illustrates all of my own children’s books and design cover art for myself and others through my new publishing company. As of April 2019, I officially became founder and designer at Mannison Press, LLC, a small, independent publisher.

So, as unlikely and far-fetched as it all was, you’d better believe I’m pretty darn proud of myself.


Below, you can find a sampling of my humble art from across the years.

And now some of my more current works!

Wow, you made it all the way down here? Thanks!! Seriously, thanks for going down my little rabbit hole of old art 🙂  Hope you enjoyed it.

Thanks for reading.