We’re All Just People

“We’re All Just People” is an early chapter books series for children grades 2-4 (Juvenile fiction/social issues)
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Volume 1:
The Housewarming Gift

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When eight-year-old Jasmine learns that being different has made her new friend sad, she comes up with a radical idea to lift her spirits! Her parents had welcomed the new neighbors with cookies, fresh fruit, and a bottle of wine…but Jasmine’s housewarming gift for Juniper goes above and beyond.  (Read more here!)

Volume 2:
Patch’s Pages

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When Juniper finds out that one of Elliott’s brothers is in Ms. Martin’s special education class, she feels uneasy. “Well, you’re a little different, right?” her father prompts. “Should people be afraid of you?” So with the help of her friends, Juniper finds the perfect way to connect with sweet little Patch. (Read more here.)

Volume 3:
The Pickle Fairy

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When young Harrison shows up to school on “Stuffie Day” without his belovèd toy Rodeo, he simply doesn’t know what to do with himself! Seeing his classmate so distressed, his friend Patch is moved and wants to help. His heart for Harrison inspires a few their classmates to step up and take action…with astounding results! (Read more here.)

Volume 4:
Cameron’s Warrior

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Having bonded over a unique toy, Cameron and Levi pursue an unlikely friendship. But will this budding friendship survive when an incident on the playground reveals Levi’s startling secret? (Read more here.)

Volume 5:
The Blue Dress

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Flynn Healy is a little bit odd. Well, not according to his friends. To them, Flynn is fun, friendly, great at sports, and looks fantastic in blue (according to some of the girls on the playground, anyway). It’s the adults that don’t quite understand him. Some grown-ups squirm, others defend, but they all share the same burning question: what is the deal with Flynn Healy? (Read more here.)

Volume 6:
Souling Seeds

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Foreign and mysterious, Henri’s sudden appearance at the beginning of the school year had everyone in the neighborhood talking. Some of Henri’s curious classmates speculate on this peculiar newcomer…but some of the students are still feeling frosty. Will the seeds of friendship be able to take root? (Read more here.)

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