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Deidre J Owen

Deidre J Owen was born in Lexington, Kentucky, but aside from a stint in the Canadian Maritimes she has spent a majority of her time in the Tampa Bay area in Florida (despite the humidity). A versatile writer, Deidre has taken joy in a variety of genres including science fiction, weird fiction, speculative fiction, horror, humor, children’s books, and Christian themes. She has a published children’s picture book series called The Heaven Zoo as well as a number of short stories, novelettes, and novellas. These include the popular Mannison Minibooks The Salted Cabin and The White Mannequin’s Game, the sci-fi/horror novella Terminal Faults, and her new humor novella Power Vacuum.

In 2019, Deidre partnered with editor and fellow indie author Ronald Linson to establish independent publishing house Mannison Press. Specializing in short-form fiction, Mannison Press publishes in a wide variety of genres of varying lengths, including flash fiction, short stories, novelettes, novellas, collections, and anthologies.

Although formerly a certified veterinary technician by trade (with a quirky history of random interests), Deidre is currently enjoying life with her family in Lithia, Florida, as a writer, publisher, and work-from-home mother.

Released February 28, 2023, from Mannison Press

Belongings and Possessions
By Deidre J Owen, K. B. Bailey, and J. B. Rockwell

February 28, 2023
Supernatural Horror
142 pages
5×8 paperback, $9.99
ISBN: 979-8369900710
E-book, $3.99

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An adolescent dancer is targeted by an ominous presence, a bullied pre-teen is enticed by an old ghost story, and a troubled teenager tags along with her feisty great-gran to harvest jasmine from the mysterious ruins in the woods. Three powerful voices in women’s horror share this tale of woe. Together, their stories weave a dark tapestry about a pervasive malevolence luring generation after generation of hapless, innocent victims into the demon’s snare.

Released November 10, 2022, from Mannison Press

Power Vacuum
By Deidre J Owen

November 10, 2022
Contemporary Humor
176 pages
5×8 paperback, $9.99
ISBN: 979-8356442162
E-book, $3.99

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The persistently mischievous Zenicon Zilch is at it again, wreaking havoc on the city and tormenting the daring foursome who dog his every step. But when a bizarre mishap throws off the balance of power, the well-intentioned heroes are thrown for a loop. What is that scheming fiend up to now? As Ryan and her team strive to unveil Zenicon’s villainous plans, their efforts may be causing more problems than they solve!

“The ‘Keystone Cops’ of urban vigilante crime fighters.”

~Kejo Black, author of The Shards of Raeth series

Released May 25, 2022, from Mannison Press

Terminal Faults
By Deidre J Owen

May 25, 2022
Science Fiction Horror
180 pages
5×8 paperback, $9.99
ISBN: 979-8819664940
E-book, $3.99

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Wandering aimlessly, nine condemned souls unknowingly circle each other: a duplicitous foursome, dysfunctional gluttons, a serial killer, and a pair of deranged mortal enemies. As they suffer the consequences of their poor decisions in life, they are unable to fully grasp how deception and self-serving motives can only lead to one’s own downfall—whether one is human or otherwise.

Supplemental material included! Join the author as she provides an in-depth look at the Obsidian Rooms, the cast of characters, and their dark motivations, along with the hidden symbolism, technical aspects, inspirations, general trivia, and more!

“WTF! Loved it!”

~Kejo Black, author of The Shards of Raeth series

“…it’s deep and unique and engaging (and seriously, why do I have feelings about a toaster?)” 

~ Rhiannon Lotze, author of I Am Become Death