Indie Author.

Hi! I’m Deidre. (I pronounce it DAY-druh, because I know you’re prolly wondering.) I’ve got some cool stuff going on these days, so thanks for coming to check me out!

NOW! What brings you here today? I figure it’s likely one of three things…

  • If you’re here about my BOOKS and writings, then you in the right place! I’ve got all kinds of stuff here about my children’s picture book series (The Heaven Zoo) and chapter book series (We’re All Just People)… including some FREE printable coloring sheets for the kiddos. Over on the “Other Works” page I’ve got some short story publications for adults. (Er, not adult adult, just like…grownups.) I also had fun with a blog for a bit, that’s all still here.
  • If you’re here because you heard about my new indie publishing company, then you’re looking for MANNISON PRESS. Awesome stuff going on over there, check it out 🙂
  • And if you’re here to check out my side hustle — services for indie authors — then you want my services division at Mannison Press, MANNISON DESIGN. (I now do formatting and design for other authors. Yah. I’ve been busy.)

Thanks for dropping by! Here’s a quick overview of some of my recent doings, if you’re interested:

We’re All Just People, Volume 6: Souling Seeds
Check out the “We’re All Just People” page for all the latest!
Want more videos and trailers? I post them all on my YouTube channel. 

From Oct 21, 2019:
Interview by Shauna McGuiness for the “Tweep Tattler: A Catalogue of Writers from the Twitter Writing Community”

From Oct 16, 2019:
Interview about Mannison Press by Kate Foster at katejfoster.com.

From Sept 24, 2019:
Interview on an episode of Writers’ Row, a YouTube channel for indie authors hosted by D. C. Wright-Hammer and David Gane.

The Osprey Observer, February 2019, Bloomingdale/FishHawk Edition (Volume 18, Issue 2), Page 36.

Digital edition available here.