New Release: A Humor Novella

How about a change of speed?? Not that I don’t have more deliciously disturbing stuff up my sleeve, but let’s change gears and have some real FUN as we come into the holiday season!

Power Vacuum

Humor/Fiction, Urban Vigilantes (176 pages)

Available in 5×8 paperback and ebook formats.

What do you do when you’re a vigilante without a villain?

The persistently mischievous Zenicon Zilch is at it again, wreaking havoc on the city and tormenting the daring foursome who dog his every step. But when a bizarre mishap throws off the balance of power, the well-intentioned heroes are thrown for a loop. What is that scheming fiend up to now? As Ryan and her team strive to unveil Zenicon’s villainous plans, their efforts may be causing more problems than they solve! 

Power Vacuum by Deidre J Owen is a contemporary fiction humor novella published by Mannison Press.

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Thanks for reading.

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