New Release: A Lovecraftian Horror

You may have a noticed a shift in my writings of late. While I began my writing career with a number of super sweet children’s books, my work at my indie publishing house has shifted my interests. I am, after all, a multi-faceted being, and this is clearly reflecting in my writings!

I have a few things coming out in this latter half of 2021, the first of which is a very interesting work. What began as a short story penned by my business partner (Ron Linson) grew into a five-part anthology… a singular tale told from five different points of view.

But be warned! This book is NOT for the faint of heart! In fact, I’ll be perfectly honest with you. Writing my part of the story? It wrecked me.

To Be a Dark Mother:
A Shared Experience in the Patchwork Lands

Ronald Linson, Deidre J Owen, Benjamin Michael Greene, Tim Mendees, & E. L. Giles

Lovecraftian Horror (184 pages)
Available in 5×8 paperback and ebook formats.

The Lord of the Lake deeply adores all his Dark Mothers, but he has developed a particular fascination with his next bride-to-be. The rising adolescent, Hope, is such a promising young female, bright and spirited. What beautiful offspring she will provide him! Zung’Reth’s keen anticipation of the courtship is palpable among his many acolytes, but it is especially significant to Charity…Hope’s older sister, and five years a Dark Mother.

In this shared experience, five separate voices cry out into the cosmos to tell their woeful tales. Come explore the depths of love, passion, hope, and hopelessness as the saga plays out in this bleak, dying corner of Ronald Linson’s Patchwork Lands.

To Be a Dark Mother is a Lovecraftian horror anthology published by Mannison Press, LLC with stories by Ronald Linson, Deidre J Owen, Benjamin Michael Greene, Tim Mendees, and E. L. Giles. To learn more about these authors, visit the Mannison Press AUTHORS page.

The stories in this collection contain cosmic horror-style violence, gore, murder, strong language, and implied sexual assault. Discretion is advised.


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Thanks for reading.

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