What’s the I.S.A.D. Blog?

Random Works of the Introverted Shy Awkward Dork.

ISAD graphic, HZ colors

This. This is me. This is my blog.

Did I post this somewhere else? I prolly did. I’m still kinda figuring this thing out. I just think it’s important for people bumbling around my page to understand where I’m coming from. And to say that you’re bumbling around my page isn’t to assume that you’re the bumbler. No, I’m the bumbler, and therefore my page will probably be bumbly for a while as I bumble my way up the learning curve. I’m a bumbling bumbler who is bumbling my way through this rapidly changing world of technology. Can you relate? Hey, maybe you’re a bumbler, too! Let’s bumble together 🙂

“Bumble” looks weird now. I made it awkward. That’s what I do, I’m an awkwardizer.

Deidre sig, transp bg


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