Silly Poetry: Forty Adjectives

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This is obviously a poem, but it’s a happy and silly little poem so I couldn’t well file it under Angsty Poetry. I’m logging it as an essay instead.

Today, June 19th, is my hubbins’ birthday! Two years ago, I threw him a little surprise party – Jason’s 40th Birthday Roast/Toast – and for my gift, I wanted to tap into his love language: Words of Affirmation. Lucky for him, I’m good with words! Well, writing them, anyway…not speaking them (see I.S.A.D. graphic). But despite my shortcomings as a speaker, I stood trembling at the podium and presented my little ode to the group. Had a PowerPoint and everything (because the D stands for Dork). I saved the slides as a video and added some silly music for your enjoyment. You can find it toward the bottom. Near the ‘like’ button. In case you wanna throw him some birthday love. 

So, to honor my husband today, I’m sharing the poem here on my blog.

Happy birthday, darling.

Forty Adjectives

June 2016

We’ve gathered today to toast a good man
And to mark a new milestone he’s reached.
Some say forty’s dark; others call it a lark!
For each person, it’s different what’s preached.

To honor my husband on this notable day
I decided to fall back on my talents.
Writing is my forte, and I have much to say,
So I presented myself a fun challenge!

Forty’s the theme, so I’ll find forty words
To describe this dear man whom I love.
With no more delay, I’ll begin this foray
Into language, and descriptives thereof.

Let’s go alphabetically to make it more fun.
How ‘bout Awesome! Okay, that’s blasé.
Altruistic’s much better. Yes, much more like me.
Well, like him. After all, it’s his day!

He’s Bold and Compassionate, and often quite Daring!
Brandished weapons, jumped from planes, worn a dress!
(I would guess.)
Debonair fits well, too, with his three-piecèd suits…
Eclectic and Fashionable, yes?

We couldn’t describe him without using Faithful.
He’s a God-fearing man, a true follower.
He’s Hard-working, definitely. But despite that, he’s Humorous.
Impulsive! The Jester, he’s Jocular!

K wasn’t easy. One can’t call him kooky,
And Kind, while not false, won’t quite do.
Keen, I suppose. Kinky? Oops, too risqué!
How ‘bout…Knobby. (Hey, I’m knobby, too.)

He’s a Likeable guy! Hang on, that’s too easy.
How ‘bout Laudable, Loyal, and Loving. (Used my brains.)
He is Messy – oh my, how! – his own mother attests,
But that softens my meticulous nature. (So he claims.)

Neighborly, totally. Outgoing, he is,|
And quick to help folks without shame.
He’s an Outstanding giver if he knows you or not.
Deeply Principled, he doesn’t play games.

He’s a Quality man! Although somewhat Quixotic,
But I’m cautious and practical…we balance.
He’s Reasonable, though. Quite Savvy as well.
And, while Tactful, Unabashed of his tenets.

(Shuddup, we’re pretending that rhymed.)

His wisdom and character highly respected,
Venerable fits to a T…er, a V.
Wise, as I said, and eXcellent! I know, cheating,
But ‘Xenial’ felt pretentious to me.

Young-at-heart, through and through, perhaps Zealous at times,
But Zesty and fun! He’s a card!
So I give you, dear friends, Jason Owen, A-Z!
For this guy, forty shouldn’t be hard.

Thanks for reading.

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