Dark Poetry: Walk Away from the Rabbit Hole

From “Angsty Poetry”

This is a recent one, and probably my strongest poem to date. Earlier this year, I had a disagreement with someone close to me…and it had a pretty weighty fallout. I lost a lot of sleep. Tossing and turning, I was running scenario after scenario in my mind. Could I have done something differently? Could the argument have gone another way? What happens now? And it’s that last rabbit hole that swallowed me. It’s strange how the shroud of darkness entices us into twisted places we’d never explore by the light of day…


Walk Away from the Rabbit Hole

Early 2018

A dramatic day occurred with some heavy words exchanged

After absent persons uttered tart untruths.

Misinformation spreads

Like a venom in one’s head

Causing inflammation, caustic and uncouth.


Tempers flashed and reason yielded as we volleyed accusations

Back and forth, just like children in the halls.

With our egos bruised and branded

We both parted disenchanted,

Hiding panic in our hearts behind new walls.


With the night comes agitation as imagined conversations

Feed the monster of an unresolved dispute.

Tossing, turning, stomach churning

As pride roars in wretched burning,

But a whisper weeps in darkness, is it moot?


Lo, the dawn greets tortured eyes buried deep in sallowed skin,

And a mind that’s cracked and oozing wicked thoughts.

New ideas, both vile and sour,

Poison deeper by the hour.

Demons dance to see the human spirit rot.


So when you find yourself reflecting on a rabbit hole explored

In the dreary sleepless dead and dread of night,

Do be honest. You were weary.

Night-trained eyes leave minds a’bleary.

Walk away! It’s a horror in the light!


Thanks for reading.

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