Another Anthology?!

Yes! It’s another anthology by Mannison Press! And you can help!

Wait-wait, I’m getting ahead of myself. Got all excited.

Do you remember last summer I announced the formation of my indie pub, Mannison Press, LLC? We had this super big anthology project, published a bunch of Minibooks…? Oh man, so much has happened! I’ve been super busy.

The anthology (which is a collection of short stories with a theme) was called “Little Girl Lost: Thirteen Tales of Youth Disrupted,” and it came together beautifully! Not only is it now available on Amazon in ebook and print, but we took it one step further and I ILLUSTRATED all 13 stories! Maybe I’m biased, but it is gorgeous. Here, take a quick peek…

From “The Child Thief”
by J. B. Rockwell

From “Barrens and Brine”
by Rhiannon Lotze

From “They Belong to Her”
by Deidre J Owen

And there are 10 more illustrations! One for each story. We ran a crowdfunding campaign that allowed us to pay our authors and offset production costs, and we released the book on October 15th. It’s even been moderately successful! Then, very quickly came the question: will there be another?

How could the answer NOT be ‘yes’?

Production is now in full swing for the companion volume, “Little Boy Lost: More Tales of Youth Disrupted.” In fact, we’ve already got 11 authors on board, a great shortlist for the remaining slots, and submissions are closing the end of this week.

NOW we can go back to that top part…

how YOU can HELP us.

Can you help us spread the word about the crowdfunding campaign? Maybe kick in a couple of bucks? We’ve got until March 14th to hit our goal! We’re offering some really great perks, too. So, share it on social media! Show your book club! Tell your mom! Help “Little Boy Lost” get FOUND!

IndieGoGo link:

Mannison Press website:

Follow @MannisonPress on Twitter or Facebook!

What are Minibooks? Find out here! Four of them are mine 🙂

Check out “Little Girl Lost” on Amazon here:

Kindle ebook: $4.99
Standard Paperback $14.99
Illustrated Paperback $34.99

Thanks for reading, and for supporting small business.


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