Lean In: Follow-through Tattoo

Did you catch my last article about facing adversity? It was entitled “Lean In” (29 Dec 2021) and I had shared an extensive metaphor I’ve adopted about living life in the surf. This mantra — lean in — has gotten me through some very difficult times over the years. I’m not going to say that I’m some sort of adversity-stomping champion, because that I most certainly am not, however I continue to find strength in the imagery.

It meant so much to me in the past
as it got me through some difficult trials.

It means so much to me in the present
as we endure these strange and uncertain times.

It will continue to hold meaning for me in the future
when I find myself searching for strength.

and so…

I commemorate the past. I hold fast to the present. And I set a reminder for the future…

to face adversity with resolve…

to puff up my chest…

to plant my feet…

and to lean in.

Just thought you’d like to see 🙂
Thanks for reading.

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